Saturday, September 03, 2016


Dear Friends, I’m super excited to tell you that my two new books, RADIANT ACTION and RADIANT COMPANION are now available for pre-order starting today! RADIANT ACTION is a book-length, serial poem from H_NGM_N Books, and RADIANT COMPANION is a new collection from Monster House Press. The books are friends—they talk to each other; they supernova together, they look up at the sky in wonder that anything exists at all…

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, you can get both books together at a significant discount when you order directly from either H_NGM_N Books or Monster House Press. Of course, you can also get one or the other. In any case, I really hope you’ll check them out and support these amazing small presses. 

Finally, if anybody’s willing to review either or both of these, please let me know. I have a limited number of review copies, and I’d be happy to send them your way.  

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