Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Work in Tarpaulin Sky

Check out some new poems from SONNET BOOM!, a manuscript that Ethan Paquin and I have just finished: http://www.tarpaulinsky.com/Summer06/Hart_Paquin.html ...

Or better yet, just check out the new issue of Tarpaulin Sky, which is full of fine new work:

TARPAULIN SKY V4n1 Spring/Summer 06 http://www.tarpaulinsky.com

NEW WORK by Benjamin Buchholz, Justin Lacour, Michael Rerick, Paul Hardacre, Jonah Winter, Carolyn Guinzio, James Wagner,Geoffrey Detrani, Elena Rivera, Matt Hart & Ethan Paquin, Shira Dentz, Kristi Maxwell, Coralie Reed,Ramsey Scott, Chad Sweeney, Robyn Art, Clay Matthews, Mark Cunningham, JulieDoxsee, Max Winter, kari edwards, and six previously unpublished CUNY undergrads, with cover art by Noah Saterstrom.

NEW AND RECENT REVIEWS include Selah Saterstrom on Calamari Press &Text/Image, and Alexis Smith on Joshua Marie Wilkinson's Suspension of a Secret in Abandoned Rooms, Ethan Paquin's The Violence, Juliana Spahr's this connection of everyone with lungs, Lillias Bever's Bellini in Istanbul, and Brigitte Byrd's The Fence Above the Sea.

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