Monday, November 13, 2006

4 Quotations in Rotation, my Brookdale CC and Ear Inn readings, and Pilot/Pilot Books

1) "O take off your solemn/head and bang/a little music for longing" -- Matthew Zapruder

2) "We breathe in, we do not think/of it. We walk and we speak//beneath the blue-flowering trees/and do not think. We breathe." -- Michael Palmer

and two from Guillaume Apollinaire:

3) "I love men, not for what unites them, but for what divides them, and I want to know most of all what gnaws at their hearts."

4) "...I disdain what has come to be called style in all arts and limit it to the expression of what is necessary and personal. Discipline and personality -- those are the limits of style as I understand it; beyond that there is only imitation not of nature, but of an earlier work of art."


Thanks to everybody who came out to my readings this past week/end , and especially to the organizers/hosts/and fellow readers: Timothy Liu, Laura McCullough, rachel m. simon, Ken Hart, Jason Schneiderman, Michael Broder, Jill Reinhardt, Merrill Feitell, and John Hoyt. I never cease to be amazed when I travel at the kindness of both strangers (who really have no reason to be kind) and friends (who have lots of reasons not to be).

Also, thanks to my pals who made the long drive with me out East: Brett Price, Evan Commander, and Jane Ortrun Carver.


Finally, this just in from Betsy Wheeler:

Hello Friends,We are proud to announce the official launch of Pilot Magazine and Pilot Books!! Pilot is an online magazine of poetry and poetics, with an affinity for collaboration. Issue #1 features poems by Cynthia Arrieu-King; Heather Christle; Adam Clay; Paula Cisewski; Kathy Fagan; Sean Flanigan; Ron Klassnik; Alex Phillips; David Rivard; Andrew Michael Roberts; Anthony Robinson; Jeremy Schmall; Zachary Schomburg; Lori Shine; collaborations by Karla Kelsey & Peter Yumi; Friedrich Kerksieck & Aaron James McNally; as well as an interview on collaboration with Joshua Beckman & Matthew Rohrer.

Pilot Books publishes affordable, handmade chapbooks and broadsides in small editions. For season #1 we are proud to present three titles: Cruel, Yes, but Company, a collection of postcards by Friedrich Kerksieck and Aaron James McNally; Brief Weather & I Guess a Sort of Vision, a chapbook by Anthony Robinson; and "Coming Down in White," a broadside by Lori Shine. A $30 subscription gets you copies of every chap and side for a year!

Check out the books site for more info on these, as well as to see what books we have lined up for season

*note: the sites tend to work best with Firefox, so if you have that browser, you should use it.

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