Wednesday, January 24, 2007


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H_NGM_N #6:

Siren #3:

Please enjoy. See the editors' announcements below.



Boys & Girls

—H_NGM_N #6 goes live today!


Poems from Katy Acheson • Anonymous • Robyn Art • Daniel Borzutzky • JessicaBozek • Michael Broder • Laura Cherry • Evan Commander • Mark DeCarteret •Neil de la Flor & Maureen Seaton • Darcie Dennigan • Julie Doxsee • ElisaGabbert • Matt Hart • Anne Heide • Dan Hoy • Michael Jauchen • Robert Krut •Justin Marks • Clay Matthews • John Pursley III • Mathias Svalina • JoshuaMarie Wilkinson • William D. Waltz • Wynn Yarbrough

A special section –THANK YOU, STEVE ORLEN – featuring 2 new poems from theman, a review of his New & Selected & other contributions by Adrian Blevins,Laura Cherry, Tony Hoagland, David Rivard & Martha Zweig.

Selection from longer works by Jim Goar, Viola Lee, Brent Pallas & ChrisRizzo.

2 new EP Poets – Philip Jenks & Danielle Pafunda.

Fiction by traci o connor, Jason Ockert & Magdalen Powers.


essays & reviews: Tom Dvorske on Anthony McCann • Justin Marks on
Meier • Clay Matthews on Ron Padgett & the Postmodern Sublime

All this plus a portfolio of artist Joey Slaughter’s work & some comix bySommer Browning!


Also today – the launch of COMBATIVES Vol. 1 #3 – a series of exquisitecorpses written by Sarah Lilius & Erin M. Bertram.

As always, place one paypal order for Vol. 1 #3 & receive 3 copies of theissue. Because we like you lots & lots.


Nate Pritts,


Siren's issue three is up, out, and online

And features the poetry of Arlene Ang, Kristy Bowen, Mark DeCarteret, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Jehanne Dubrow, Jason Fraley, Sam Rasnake, and a great new talent, C.R. Rappel, the photography of two of my favorite artists, Katia Fuentes and Marcela L. (whose work is also on the homepage), creative nonfiction by Erin McKnight, based on her childhood in South Africa, an Among the Best of 2006, with the recommendations of five of our (past and present) contributing poets, Dorianne Laux, David Hernandez, Bruce Covey, Jason Fraley, and Kiki Petrosino, as well as the editor's

And check out our new "Notes and News" page, accessible from the homepage, with the latest achievements of and updates on several of the writers who have appeared in Siren.

I hope you enjoy the new issue, and thank you, as always, for your interest in Siren.

All good things,
Sara Kearns, editor

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