Friday, May 25, 2007

Rhinoceros, Cento Bingo, etc.

The roses in rhinoceroses.


The ceiling against the wall.


I just read Miranda July's new book of short stories, No one belongs here more than you. You should read it, too. It's sweet and disturbing and takes surprising turns--runs over little dogs, kisses doors, contains all manner of strangers and people everyone knows exactly. It made me feel like somebody drowning and being rescued, drowning and being resued, drowning and being rescued--forever. Also, it made me feel at times like a slaughterhouse. Also once or twice full of birds. Mockingbirds. I should say, however, that there are neither any slaughterhouses nor mockingbirds in the book. So all you slaughterhouse/mockingbird fans may just want to keep searching for a book of short stories to read. But if you want to feel like a fan of slaughterhouses and mockingbirds in search of a book of short stories to read, then this may be the book for you...


Check out Saltgrass, a great new journal co-edited by Julia Cohen and Abigail Holstein. Issue #1 contains work from Zach Schomburg, Jen Tynes, Nate Pritts, Peter Markus, Daniela Gesundheit, Bill Cassidy, Edith Zimmerman, and Malwina Andruczyk. There's also an interview with David Barber by Abigail Holstein. It's well worth the $5. Do your part for art. Throw down your bones to Saltgrass. Buckets and buckets of bones. I dig it.


So I've decided...what have I decided?...I've decided to come apart at the seasons. This seems necessary, though I'm not sure what it means. Please tune in for further updates.


And speaking of updates, the world's first ever Cento Bingo games were played tonight and big fun was had by all. Look for poems by the two winners at soon. Thanks to all the wild participants.


Dance party! YES!


gina said...

Michael Quattrone has a new chapbook called Rhinoceroses.

Johannes said...

I watched the Miranda July movie and I thought it was pretty great. Also she has a great participatory web site where people send in their movie clips and photographs documenting how they carried out her little artistic projects.