Monday, May 07, 2007

Where in the World...

In no particular order: 13 thesis committees, 3 classes, little Agnes, manuscripts, apps., reviews, Tokyo w/Dobby Gibson, fountain pen, coffee cup, SIMPLY ROCKET!, "New-Fangled Air," dinner w/Frida Kahlo, haircut (no, not yet, but soon...), Mother's day horizon, SONNET BOOM!, Cento Bingo, dance party dance party, The Clash, doing dishes, mowing lawn, killing me softly in a dream, on the phone, "...the hottest band in the world...," grading journals, Donald Kuspit, Fortune 500, Vegetarian Times, email email email, running with Daisy, Goodnight Pneumatic Drill...Goodnight Butt Crack, the new hilarity, my heart in a bucket, meningitis, tuberculosis, tetanus, Cover to Cover, picturing texts, Albert Martinez, Pitching Woo, Cloud vs. CLOUD, Forklift, Ohio, nothing to report.

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