Thursday, June 07, 2007

Clay Matthews' WESTERN RERUNS chap


Download Clay Matthews' WESTERN RERUNS chap immediately for FREE from the fine folks at End & Shelf Books:

I was going to try and say something intelligent here, but my mouth runneth over my spirit my brain, so here's what I wrote to Clay about it:


Holy crap! Your WESTERN RERUNS chap is phenomenal! and I intend to sing its praises on my blog soon. I went for a run this afternoon and after sat on my front porch with my dog, both of us drinking water--me from a plastic bottle and her from a bowl--, and I read your chap start to finish. it's great. These poems seem like the most developed poems of yours I've seen yet--Whitman meets Orlen meets Keats. There's an ease to them, especially associatively--and the mix of lyric, narrative, and strategic technique, i.e. i.e. [note: blog friends, you'll see what I mean when you read the book] and repetition repetition is dazzling. I really LOVE it. Now I'm listening to Hank Williams with my little girl and dancing. You know, I may just put this note on my blog--along with the link to your chap. I think I will. Thanks, man. I hope this finds you well.


Get this chap. The poems are really great.

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