Sunday, November 18, 2007


Reading and Re:

1. On the Edge: Collected Long Poems -- Kenneth Koch
2. The Yellow Hotel -- Diane Wald (thanks C!)
3. Complete Short Poetry -- Louis Zukofsky
4. Flash Fiction Forward -- Eds. James Thomas and Robert Shapard
5. My Life -- Lyn Hejinian
6. 36 Senior Theses (1st Drafts, various subjects) -- Art Academy of Cincinnati class of 2008


1. Favorite Intermissions: Music Before and Between Beethoven, Stravinsky, and Holst -- Christopher DeLaurenti
2. Instrumental versions of 3 (yes, 3!) brand new Travel CDs: =Writes, Anti-Social Butterfly, and These Are (Our) ~Voices through a Sieve (coming to you with vocals in Summer/Fall 2008)
3. Travel Comes @live -- Travel (re-re-mixes in progress, mastering to follow) (coming Spring 2008) [Travel updates: ]
4. Greatest Hits -- Al Green
5. Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada: The Dada Year -- Agnes
6. Young Machetes -- The Blood Brothers [I listen to this when I run.][So bummed that these guys just called it quits: "Death's just death no matter how you dress it up."]


Amish Trivedi said...

I just heard a band from Cincy on NPR the other day. Wussy? Left for Dead? Don't know the songs I heard, but rather liked them...

Matt said...

Yeah, Wussy are the hometown heroes at the moment (or maybe forever...). Eric, who does Forklift with me, plays in a band with their guitar player. Nice guy. Both.

François said...

Yes, I was quite surprised by the Blood Brothers disbanding so quickly too.