Monday, January 21, 2008


1) Forklift, Ohio will have a table--no. 441--in America's Hall 2 at the AWP Bookfair this year, and we'll have a brand new issue for sale--our 18th!--featuring cover art by Elizabeth Zechel and poems by the likes of Matthew Rohrer, G.C. Waldrep, Dean Young, Dorothea Lasky, Todd Colby and Amanda Nadelberg, among many marvelous others. Stay tuned to this blog and/or for more details coming soon. Also, at AWP we'll have some (FEW!) remaining copies of a handful of back issues, along with some free giveaways and some weirdly light industrial surprises. If you'll be at AWP, please stop by our table and say Hello!

2) The good people at The Agriculture Reader have done it again! This is without a doubt my favorite print journal going at the moment, and I'm proud to have a few poems in this new issue. See it, read about it, acquaint yourself with all the contributors, and most importantly BUY your copy here:

3) My old pop-punk band, Squirtgun , will re-unite for one show in Lafayette, Indiana on Feb. 9th. The show will take place at The Venue (corner of 6th and Main) in downtown Lafayette. The cover is $6 and all proceeds will benefit the YWCA's anti-domestic violence programs.

And last but not in anyway least,

4) check out a brand new Michael Schiavo cento/sonnet at Cento Bingo.


Melissa said...

Hey Matty,
I saw Dean's dedication to you in "Primitive Mentor."

I'm still jealous and thunderstruck. Mostly jealous, 'cause you're so damn lovable.

I guess I'll be fine as long as Keith Richards doesn't mention you in the liner notes to his next solo outing. You don't...happen to know Keef by chance, do you???

JMiah said...

Dude, its awesome that your band is getting back together for a benefit concert. And the rest of your post is awesome too, but I'm sure I really have no clue since I'm still new to this blog thing. But, I'm enjoying it very much. Best of luck to you and your band!

Haz said...

Hey have you heard Stephen Cefalo's band? The Pinched Ellipses? They've got some great songs, only 4 but they're great!