Tuesday, February 26, 2008


1. Working on a third sonnet-sonnet and two full-length manuscripts -- but not so much tonight.
2. Instead, watched on television the debate from Cleveland between Senators Obama and Clinton. I had to keep getting up and walking into the other room. How very squirmy I get when they go at each other politician style.
3. Also tonight, compiled notes for my class tomorrow on the first half of David Markson's This Is Not a Novel.
4. Letters to write: Bretticus, Alexis, and Deano.
5. Secret collaboration with Conway Twitty (which is not his real name of course, and that's part of how it stays a secret)...
6. This afternoon, watched the Teletubbies with Agnes, who clapped and danced acrobatically. I like La-La best. She likes saying "La-La" best. After the original Twilight Zone and Lost, The Teletubbies is perhaps my favorite television show...ever. Big hug. Again again. Big hug. Again again.
7. Listened (doesn't matter when) to The Blood Brothers' Burn Piano Island Burn, then 2 mix Cds--one of Berlin-era David Bowie that Darren Callahan made me, and one by Mike Vallera with bands like Eastern Youth and The Good Life--incidentally Darren (who's in Travel with me) and Mike are my two cohorts in a new band called The Dictionary. See the album cover. See pictures of the recording.
8. Took some ibuprofen.
9. Made some pesto.
10. Sang and played 3 songs on the guitar: two of my own and "The Science of Myth" by Screeching Weasel.
11. Tweaked a few new poems.
12. Printed out Forklift submissions.
13. Tomorrow tomorrow...
14. How could I end on the number 13?
15. And while I'm at it: Do aesthetic judgments really always imply economic ones?
16. Emails.
17. Course Descriptions
19. Thank you for everything.
20. Matt


gina said...

I haven't thought about Screeching Weasel in a long time! I always loved "Celena" for some reason.

Alexis Orgera said...

When I was in high school, I drove two hours to see Screeching Weasel with a car full of smelly boys, and when we got there the show was canceled. Harumph. I haven't listened to them since.

Matt said...

Yeah, when I did that Squirtgun show a few weeks ago, we considered doing a cover of The Science of Myth, so that one's been on my mind lately...

I remember when Screeching Weasel played in Evansville, Indiana(where I grew up) circa 1987, and my friend John said to Ben Weasel, "Man, we've been listening to your tape for weeks, and it's amazing!" To which a snarling--and almost hurt-looking--Mr. Weasel responded, "We didn't make any tapes...," the implication being that we should've bought the LP rather than taping it from one of our other friend's college age older brothers. It was pretty funny. Ben looked so miffed. And in our defense we couldn't buy Screeching Weasel records in Evansville, Indiana.

Pete. said...

Burn Piano Island, Burn is probably the best album ever put out by the blood brothers, honestly. If you're getting into The Blood Brothers that much, I'd suggest picking up a copy of "The Air Force" by Xiu Xiu, and "Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home" By These Arms are Snakes.