Thursday, November 13, 2008


No, I'm sorry this post is not about Elvis Costello, but I am happy to use the word "radio" today. It's a word I don't use nearly enough--especially since listening to the radio--jazz mostly--is one of my favorite things.  Maybe it's one of your favorite things, too.  And if that happens to be the case, perhaps you'd like to tune in (via the internet) to The Joe Milford Poetry Show this Saturday, 11/15/08, at 5PM (Eastern time) when I'll be the guest on Joe's show.  While you're there you can also listen to the archived shows, including readings by C.D. Wright, Ron Silliman, Bob Hicok, and many others.

A special note: Dean Young will be Joe's guest this Tuesday, 11/18/08, and that show will begin at 6PM.  Regardless of whether or not you tune in to hear me, please tune in to hear Dean and check out Joe's site and his archives.

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lauren ikon said...

I saw your Goodnight Everybody poem on the Missouri Review, and I loved it. (I don't mean superficially, like it was good and I just really liked it, I mean I loved it.) So, I e-stalked you a little bit (yay,google) and here I am commenting your blog to tell you these bits.