Monday, May 11, 2009


1) My city poem "Minerva System" went up at Sidebrow today.  Please check it out here.

2) Clearly, your glass dogs...

3) "The arsonist and barista are trading explanations of steam"--Abraham Smith

4) New Sonic Youth song "Sacred Trickster"--reminds me of Goo, which makes for rockin' new listening.

5) I'll be reading this Saturday May 16th at 7PM in Kalamazoo, Michigan for the Poets in Print Series with the marvelous Gina Myers (who I can't wait to hear read) and Roy Seeger (who I haven't met, but am looking forward to meeting).  The reading will take place in Suite 103A of the Park Trades Center at 326 W. Kalamzoo Ave. in downtown Kalamazoo  Doors open at 6:30 reading at 7.  I hope if you're in the area you can make it...

6) especially if your name is Juan Sweeney!

7) Argument.  Electric grid.  Plug in and proceed through each statement's truth value. I can't get away from logic--as much as might like to--and nobody gets away from language.  Thus, nobody gets away from anguish.  From reindeer.  It's a stretch.  Really.  Nobody gets a Way. The question is always what to do with one's hands.

8) I struck out so many times playing baseball as a kid, but somehow always in the last game of the season I connected--ground rule double and an RBI.  It was as if freed from ever having to swing a bat again, finally I was able to hit and not cry.  That was one time, and another I homered.  It felt good to hammer with the sun looking on.  A boy swings a bat and hits a ball. Now drunk on a rock in grave outer space, I marvel at connections of any kind at all.  The question is always what to do.  Or argue.  Or to feel something vaulted.  The wind up, then the pitch black.  Parents on the bleechers and all the kids screaming.


Today very birdsong,
sun out, no damage--

"I'm getting sleepy daddy"

Reading Philip Whalen

Dissolve me in water but let the man
speak: "I keep trying to live
as if this world were heaven."

10) is nothing.

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