Sunday, November 08, 2009

InDigest 12

Brand new InDigest w/ new poems from yours truly: .

Please enjoy.



American Crow said...

Love this blog, Matt.
Want to share a poem of yours with students,
focusing on the way you do exercises and play games
to make poems.


Radish King said...

DEEP SEA FISHING IS BORING made me cry. Jeeze. Knock it off.

Matt said...

Rebecca, That's really sweet of you to say. Thank you so much. The funny thing is that I wrote that piece in response to a very awkward (and as a result affecting) drawing that a student of mine wrote in response to a Frank O'Hara poem--everything in person to another to another. Thank you again. I'm really glad you like the poem. Matt

Radish King said...

We almost never get to know how the chain links itself from art or how far it goes or for how long it continues to grow. Very cool.