Thursday, March 04, 2010


I'll be on a reading tour with my pal Nate Pritts starting tomorrow, 3/5 and ending on 3/13. If you live in or near any the following places I hope you'll come and see us read.

1) Friday 3/5 - Syracuse, NY: Downtown Writer’s Center/YMCA :: w/Nate Pritts, Montgomery St. :: Syracuse, NY // 7:00PM

2) Saturday 3/6 - Albany, NY: The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza :: w/Nate Pritts, 1475 Western Ave. :: Albany, NY // 2:00PM

3) Sunday 3/7 - Providence, RI: Cousins Reading Series :: w/ Heather Christle, Claire Donato & Nate Pritts, Abe’s Bar @ 302 Wickenden St :: Providence, RI // 6:30PM

4) Monday 3/8 - Martha's Vineyard

5) Tuesday 3/9 - NYC: InDigest Reading // 1207 Reading Series :: w/ Nate Pritts, (le) poisson rouge @ 158 Bleecker St. :: NYC, NY // 6:00PM

6) Wednesday 3/10 - Baltimore, MD (TBA)

7) Thursday 3/11 - Northampton, MA: w/Nate Pritts, 104 South St., Apt #2R // 8PM

8) Friday 3/12 - Cambridge, MA (TBA)

9) Saturday 3/13 - Philadelphia, PA: Chapter & Verse Reading Series :: w/ Mairead Byrne & Nate Pritts, 620 S. 9th St. :: Philadeplhia, PA // 8:00PM

Nate and I will have a chapbook with us that we wrote just for the tour. We hope to see a lot of people out at the readings.


As advertised (above) I have a new review of Noelle Kocot's book Sunny Wednesday up at Coldfront. I hope it'll make people who haven't read the book want to read it. You can read the review here.

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bigthinker said...

I'm sorry I missed your recent readings in NYC; I could use a good reading right now. Also, thanks for the review of Sunny Wednesday. I've been eagerly reading Kocot's new books, and rereading her collection, for decades. I tried to get at this book for Rain Taxi, but I don't think I quite got it. I like your review better; it's more open and Kocot-like. Do you know the work of Joanna Fuhrman? If not, her recent collection, Pageant, will probably hit the spot.