Friday, December 31, 2010

New SERMONS AND LECTURES + Vid-Interview with me & Nate Pritts and a recording of a reading by me, Nate Pritts & Dobby Gibson from Prairie Lights

New sections from my book length poem, SERMONS AND LECTURES BOTH BLANK AND RELENTLESS up at:

1) Scott Abel's awesome new online journal Country Music, which also features the amazing talents of: Clay Matthews, Lucy Biederman, Samuel Day Wharton, Peter Davis, Amber Nelson, Jim Goar and Jackie Clark and two series of Correspondences, including one with Denis Johnson.

2) Joe and Chenelle Milford's Scythe, Vol. IV, which also features: John M. Anderson, Alan Britt, Harry Calhoun, Alan Catlin, Chris Crittenden, Grace Curtis, Paul Dickey, Rachel Dixon, John Dorsey, Terri Kirby Erickson, Justin Evans, Leonard Gontarek, Howie Good, Larry Johnson, Karl Koweski, Heln Losse, Amy MacLennan, Al Maginnes, Nick McRae, Jane Mead, Phillip Mitchell, George Moore, Gregg Murray, Scott Owens, Derrick Paulson, James Robison, Rebecca Schumejda, Carolee Sherwood, Constance Stadler, Felino Soriano, and Lee Stern


3) here's a Vid-Interview that Nate Pritts and I did in October for the City of Literature USA after our reading at Prairie Lights in Iowa City.


4) here's the recording of the reading that we did with our buddy Dobby Gibson (sadly, for me, this gets cut off at the end, so my reading is missing from the festivities, but Dobby and Nate are crystal clear and AWESOME).

Hope you'll enjoy some of these things. Thanks to all the parties involved in getting this stuff out into the ether.

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