Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two from Eugene Ionesco:

1) "As I am not alone in the world -- as each one of us, in the depths of his being, is at the same time everyone else -- my dreams and desires, my anguish and my obsessions do not belong to myself alone; they are part of the heritage of my ancestors, a very ancient deposit to which all mankind may lay claim."

2) " the course of my life I have been very much struck by what one might call the current of opinion, by its rapid evolution, its power of contagion, which is that of a real epidemic. People allow themselves suddenly to be invaded by a new religion, a doctrine, a fanaticism.... At such moments we witness a veritable mutation. I don't know if you have noticed it, but when people no longer share your opinions, when you can no longer make yourself understood by them, one has the impression of being confronted with monsters -- rhinos for example. They have that mixture of candour and ferocity. They would kill you with the best of consciences.... [P]eople thus transformed not only resemble rhinos, but really become rhinoceroses."

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