Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DIAGRAM Review of Who's Who Vivid



Melissa in Asheville said...

If Gertrude Stein were a cubist poet, then Matt Hart seems to be the guy who takes beautiful hand-drawn cartoons, cuts them into squares, and distresses them before gluing them onto canvas as a kind of fur.

WTF? I love ya, but seriously, WTF?

Matt said...


If you're out there, be in touch. I was bummed that I didn't see you at the Warren Wislon reading in March.


Melissa said...

Sent you a Forlkift e-mail, just in case (I get turned around in the blogosphere a lot...my forte is adding things to an online shopping cart.)

I'm sad that I missed you in Asheville, too, largely b/c I fear I am developing a Suuuthun accent. I need perspective, y'all.