Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kicking Wind First Book Interview

An interview about the publication of my first book is up TODAY at Kate Greenstreet's Kicking Wind site. Here's the link for anybody who'd like to check it out:


Erin said...

Being somewhat familiar with your poetry from your Ball State days (both in FH,M and poetry readings), I was very excited to discover Who's Who Vivid. I must admit to being jealous of your ability to use words and images in ways my too literal mind won't allow me to do, but that is what I enjoy/find fascinating about your work. To the literal mind, your words don't make sense, but in essence they do.

Eric said...

re: "For me, it [poetry]'s the thing that works best, but for other people it's Sufi Mysticism, or carpentry, or clown college..."

Redundant, much?

Great interview. Thanks for the shouts-out.